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But at least I get to start flying again in the spring :3

I miss the aviation atmosphere and the really great people I’ve met from it. …and it’s only been a few months from being away from it.

So you guys are never going to believe what happened the other day.

Actually it was 2 days ago, when these two guys in my neighborhood was holding an an entire family, plus a big group of kids that were there for a party hostage with some guns. I don’t know all the details but the cops had the entire neighborhood on lockdown and no one was allowed to really leave for the first couple hours. There were at least twenty undercover and regular cop cars and several swat vans. The cops had all the roads blocked and chased a few cars that wanted to leave when it all first started. They had a helicopter out there and the cops were chasing one of the guys by foot. Eventually they brought dogs out and evacuated a few of the houses around the area. We think once they couldn’t get the guys out of the house without hurting the people held hostage they shot him cause there were a few gunshots and ambulance sirens not long after. It was almost like a movie scene and I haven’t seen anything about it on the news either.

I just can’t wait to get this semester of psc done, cause then I can start the flight classes, and supposedly I’ll have my private license within that semester, instrument rating, and a few others.  And with in the next 2 years I’ll have my commercial license and hopefully an associates to get me into something like JetBlue where I’ll train to fly some pretty big aircraft like Airbus A320 and maybe an A380. ;D

course this is a very board summary and I’m probably missing stuff and I’ll probably feel like I’m going nowhere til I do start flying again but whatever. Airplanes is all that matters  ^3^

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